About us

Unfortunately, not all driving school experiences are positive and in fact, many people walk away frustrated, angry, and without completing the required course to drive. Weston Driving School is different for a variety of reasons although the professional guidance of the instructor is the primary one. With more than 30 years of outstanding service, Frank Ieraci offers an entirely different experience.

Students who complete the course under Frank’s instruction have the opportunity to get a license in just eight months opposed to the normal time of one year! Although classroom study and driving time is provided as part of training with this MTO-approved service, Frank Ieraci understands that every student is unique. Regardless if choosing the Quick Study, Refresher, or Senior Seminar course, rather than provide a cookie-cutter solution, he creates options according to each person’s need and the lesson itself.

Students who complete the course under Frank’s guidance will gain confidence for driving in different traffic and weather conditions, handling emergency maneuvers, and avoiding collisions, among other things. Although the course covers an array of important driving topics, safety remains a primary emphasis. The goal at Weston Driving School is to make learning to drive a positive experience that leads to excellent results.

The combination of knowledge, skills, patience, and personality set Frank apart from the competition. He has a long standing record of success, which is attested to by all the qualified drivers who completed the Weston Driving School course. Learning to drive is stressful enough but trying to learn under the wrong instructor is a recipe for disaster. Under the skilled instruction of Frank Ieraci, a student of Weston Driving School will succeed.