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We Are In A Mission To Help You Get Driver License

Taking a course at Weston driving school will familiarize you with the very roads that you will be driving on solo, and will help you to gain the very valuable confidence that will stand you in good stead as you encounter a range of road and weather conditions that could sometimes prove to be challenging and even a bit rattling for your nerves.

Driving Lessons

Professional Driving Lessons

The combination of knowledge, skills, patience, and personality set Frank apart from the competition. He has a long standing record of success, which is attested to by all the qualified drivers who completed the Weston Driving School course. Learning to drive is stressful enough but trying to learn under the wrong instructor is a recipe for disaster. Under the skilled instruction of Frank Ieraci, a student of Weston Driving School will succeed.

Driving Lessons

What Weston Driving School gives

When you take a course from Weston driving school, you will get the opportunity to receive guidance from driver’s instructor who has extensive experience providing the reassuring driving methods that new and even seasoned drivers need. From an exceptional Weston driving school, GTA residents will learn the latest in defensive driving and safe driving techniques, as well as the very important skills needed to deftly and confidently handle a car.


Various programs

Unfortunately, not all driving school experiences are positive and in fact, many people walk away frustrated, angry, and without completing the required course to drive. Weston Driving School is different for a variety of reasons although the professional guidance of the instructor is the primary one. 

General Program

Get your license in 8months and NOT 1 year with US

MTO approved beginner driving education courseprovider

Most popular

Intensive Driving Courses

Weston Driving School offer an intensive course designed to facilitate you to learn how to drive and clear your driving test within a very short time – occasionally in as little as a week.


License renewal for over 80
Build on your strengths as senior drivers
Talk about the effects of getting older on driving
Help you deal with traffic situations
Review the rules of the road

Advanced Driving Course

A lot of people find it hard to judge the precise speed for each situation they encounter, and an advanced driving course will assist you learn how to determine this properly.




Learn Safe And Get Your License Quick With Weston Driving School

We at Weston Driving School always make efforts to teach you the skills necessary to become a safe and defensive driver. We welcome the opportunity to assist you through your drivers experience and see you onto a lifetime of safe driving. Our curriculum meets and exceeds state requirements, offering students with the best comprehensive driver education experience possible.

With more than 30 years of outstanding service, Frank Ieraci offers an entirely different experience.

Driving Lessons at Weston Driving School

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